The flagship model in our range, the AgriGrade is the largest machine we currently produce. It features as standard rocker axles and an ejector system. Combined with a wide range of options, the AgriGrade offers greater personalisation and as a result can accommodate a range of budgets and applications within the agriculture industry.



The CivilGrade was developed to withstand continuous use in the harsh environment of civil construction. With an overall width of 2.5m this machine is easily transportable and highly maneuverable whilst maintaining a significant payload capacity. When fitted with a dual receiver system, this machine will excel at any task.



The Lawless Lasers TurfGrade is designed for surface preparation requiring precision and speed. Available in a wide range of sizes, from our compact TopDresser900 all the way up to our TurfGrade3050HD, there is no limit to the variety of applications which it can perform. The construction of golf courses, bowling greens and sporting fields are among the most common applications for which the TurfGrader is used.


The latest addition to the Lawless Lasers range, the EasyGrade Skid Steer attachment is our answer to the difficulties encountered with the operation of trailing graders in areas with limited space and access. With three models available, the ability for the EasyGrade to attach to any make and size of Skid Steer Loader further adds to its versatility and increases the capabilities of your existing machine.


Designed as an affordable alternative, our tipping bucket models still offer the ability to move large amounts of earth whilst maintaining the strength and durability which Lawless Lasers strives to achieve in designs. The EconoGrade is built with a large range of applications in mind including; agriculture, civil construction and sporting field works. With three models available there's sure to be one to suit your needs.