Lawless & Melb Cricket Club


In their quest for perfect playing services the Melbourne Cricket Club has purchased a new Lawless Turf Grader and the latest in laser levelling technology from Lawless Lasers, Shepparton Vic.

The equipment will be used to develop and maintain specific levels of the turf wickets at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and also at the Albert Ground and Junction Ovals which are also maintained by MCCG’s turf management team.

Once the wickets are regraded to provide the desired compound slopes (i.e the grade in both length and across the wicket areas) the Lawless Grader will also be used in the regular annual topdressing of the wicket areas.

The annual top dressing has previously been undertaken by a contractor so by having their own turf grader will enable the MCCG to undertake this work on the timeliest basis.

Another task contemplated for the machine is the accurate grading of the under turf sub grade area of the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground itself preparatory to the regular replacement of the imported turf mat. This should overcome the risk of surface variation and moisture ponding in below grade areas and in a general improvement to the condition of the grass playing surface.

The latest model of the Lawless Turf Grader has been designed and manufactured to produce the best possible result for turf areas as well as other small construction areas where sub grade or foundation materials need to be constructed to accurate grades.

In addition to turf areas these include building foundations, car parks and similar expanses where issues like water run off from the finished surface can be critical.

Our new model has a number of features. It has a 2.5 metre working width, high quality hydraulics which are ideally suited to laser grade control, while we now offer the option of slick tyres rather than treaded tyres.

This is important for turf and ground managers as there is little change of diseases being transferred between sites by particles retained in a traditional treaded tyre.

We have also recognised that transportability and a compact machine is important for ground mangers especially where the grader needs to be transported between sites or where only limited storage space is available.

The drawbar and rear axle assembly are both designed to fold in so that the grader in its folded mode can be stored across two timber pallets longitudinally.

Alternatively for transport it easily fits on the tray of a light utility: manufacturer Graham Lawless says.

The new Lawless Turf Grader was recently delivered to the Melbourne Cricket Club’s turf management team together with a training session on the new laser transmitter and receiver which is designed to provide the compound slopes typical in many turf sites.

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